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● Haircuts and Trims, Bang Trims, Neck Trims (Men, Women, and Kids) ●
Need something simple? If your not quite ready for a new look, but need to freshen up what you're already rockin', we do basic haircuts and trims!

● Beard Trims ●
Keep that majestic beard nice and tidy with a quick, precise trim.

● Men's 5-Minute Color ●
Want to stay looking sharp but don't want to send hours in the salon? We don't mind the company, but if you're in a hurry, ask about our quick 5-minute color!

● Color and Color Correction ●
Let us give you a whole new color, or a touch up or correction on what you already have!

● Ombre ●
This color style is a bold transition from a dark shade at the top, to a lighter shade towards the bottom

● Bayalage ●
Less maintence than an ombre, this technique gives your hair a natural looking transition from dark to light with some dark added to the bottom to provide some dimension to the hair.

● Highlights and Lowlights ●
Easily transform your hair into something a little more interesting by adding a partial color to strands or hair to either lighten, or darken your look without diving into a full color transformation.

● Peekaboo Highlights ●
If you're looking to spice up your style with a splash of color, but want to maintain your hair's healthy shine, peekaboo highlights are for you! With peekaboo highlights, color can be applied to the bangs, sides, or back sections of your hair, giving you a variety of options. Just enough color pops out underneath, "peekaboo!"

● Gloss Treatment ●
Lasting up to 3-4 weeks, a hair gloss provides your hair with a smooth surface for an intense shine, locking in and shielding color from fading. Alternately, a gloss treatment is ideal for repairing damage and returning texture and healthy shine to your hair, or adding some intensity to your natural color with a sleek shine.

● Glaze Treatment ●
A hair glaze is ideal for giving your hair color a little complimentary boost in shine. A glaze does not contain peroxide or ammonia, and simply sits on top of the hair rather than penetrating the hair, as a gloss does. This makes it less permanent than a gloss.

● Deep Conditioning Treatments ●
Restore and repair your hair from what the environment and everyday styling can take out with a deep conditioning treatment. Healthy hair means better looking color, less frizz, and a beautiful, natural shine!

● Blow Dry Styling ●
With our proper, professional techniques, a blow dry style will leave your hair looking bouncy, fresh, and full of luster.

● Formal and Updo Styling ●

Going to prom or a wedding? Come in for the perfect, formal look you need to look your sharpest for any occasion!

● Perms ●

A great solution for long-lasting, natural-looking curls to add some life and bounce to your hair without the everyday use of heating appliances.

● Organic Perms ●

Get the all the benefits of a traditional perm with our organic alternative, without the ammonia, thioglycolates, or parabens. Our professional organic perms are 100% organic. Using vegan ingredients, it is the first perm and texturizing system to use fair trade acai oil, organic hops, and oat peptides to create bouncy, beautiful curls. A highly versatile and customizable wave shaper can be used for any hair type or condition. Also rich in protiens, this organic perm leaves hair healthy and soft.

● Body Waves ●

A body wave perm will give you the definition and volume of a regular perm, but with a more relaxed look and feel

● Japanese Straightening / Thermal Reconditioning ●

Our Japanese Thermal Straightening (also known as Thermal Reconditioning) gives your hair a permanent, sleek, straight look by carefully changing the inner bond of your hair.

● Keratin Treatment ●

Karatin is a strong protien naturally found in hair, nails, and skin. An alternative to Japanese Straightening or Thermal Reconditioning, a Keratin Treatment lasts about 3 months and only impacts the outside layer of your hair.

● Brazilian Blowout ●

The beauty of the Brazilian Blowout Treatment is that it is perfect for getting perfectly silky hair from natually curly, frizzy, or damaged hair. The benefits of a Brazilian Blowout Treatment includes reduced frizz, smooth texture, and tamed curled. We have two packages available - one that lasts up to 3 months, and on that lasts 6+ months

● Extensions ●

Add length and fullness to your hair quickly with natual-looking extensions that seamlessly integrate with your natural hair!

● Makeup ●

Let our professional artists give you the perfect look for that special event! Whether you want an innocent, natural look, or something more bold like a daring smokey eye, and anything in between, we will ensure you'll leave ready to drop jaws.

● Facial Waxing ●

Full face waxing, Eyebrow, Upper lip, Chin.

We offer a variety of top-quality salon services for everyone! Anything and everything you can dream of, we can make it happen. Whether you're looking for a fresh, new hair cut and color to transform your style, need a simple hair trim or treatment, or just want to look your best for that upcoming wedding with a beautiful updo, we've got you covered.


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