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Rita's inspiration comes from vintage Scottsdale Arizona with a twist of modern-day women. She is passionate about bringing out the true beauty that every woman posses within them. Early on in her career Rota knew that getting the essential training would provide a strong foundation to grow as a successful stylist in the industry. Rita has been no stranger to the beauty/hair industry. After training under many of the top artistic directors in Arizona, Rita has adapted her teachings into her own unique style. Always keeping up with the latest trends and styles that allow each individual to express their own unique personality, Rita stays on the cutting edge (pun intended).

Rita's Words:
"I've always had a strong love and passion for the hair industry. Having the ability to make an individual look many ways using their own accessory, which is their hair, is amazing. Understanding that preserving the integrity of the hair is key to a successful cut/style. Working with an individuals natural hair texture and incorporating the correct products, gives you a magnificent result. At royal salon, we're all about giving the latest cuts while keeping our services affordable for you. We're talking haircuts that make you feel like royalty.

The products I choose to carry help make the daily lives of my clients simple while still giving them the glamorous look they are wanting.
I extend the cordial welcome and look forward to the opportunity of one day working with you!
Thanks, Rita."